6 Tips on Taking Photos of Hair Extensions for Stylists

As a hair extension stylist, you want to showcase your work and the transformation you can create for your clients. One of the best ways to do this is by taking high-quality photos of your guests with their new hair extensions. These photos can be used for your portfolio, social media, and marketing materials. But taking good photos can be tricky, especially when it comes to hair. Here are some tips on how to take photos of your guests for hair extension stylists:

Hair Extensions

  1. Lighting is everything: Good lighting is key to taking great photos. Avoid harsh overhead lighting or direct sunlight, which can cast unflattering shadows. Instead, use natural light from a window or take photos outside on a cloudy day.

  2. Get the angle right: The angle of the photo can make a big difference in how the hair looks. Position your guest so that the camera is slightly above their eye level and take the photo from a slightly downward angle. This will help to showcase the length and volume of the hair.

  3. Use a plain background: A plain background, such as a white or neutral-colored wall, will keep the focus on the hair and prevent distractions in the photo.

  4. Take close-up shots: Close-up shots can help to show the details of the hair extensions and the texture of the hair. Get in close and take photos of the hair from different angles, such as the side and back.

  5. Use props: Props can add interest to your photos and help to tell a story. For example, you could use a mirror to show the guest admiring their new hair or a brush to show the smoothness of the hair.

  6. Edit the photos: Once you have taken your photos, edit them to enhance the colors and brightness. Use a photo editing app to adjust the exposure, contrast, and saturation to make the hair look as vibrant and natural as possible.

Hair Extensions

In conclusion, taking photos of your guests with their new hair extensions can be a great way to showcase your work as a hair extension stylist. Follow these tips to take high-quality photos that show off the hair and make your guests look and feel their best.

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